Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It is with mixed emotions that I announce my retirement from the YMCA of Greater Boston. My last day will be December 31, 2022. While I am vibrant and in good health (knock on wood), the time has come to bring my work life to a close.

It goes without saying that my time at the YMCA of Greater Boston has been wonderfully challenging and rewarding. As an organization, we built bridges, feed millions, served all, acted as servant leaders, functioned in alignment with our mission and strategic imperatives – to be a partner, employer and charity of choice in greater Boston, and more. We transcended from being a YMCA to a “community” organization.
We have been intentional and spirited in our actions. We, as co-workers and partners, did not let fear or the enormity of the challenge get in our way. We depended upon one another, trusted one another, held one another accountable, learned from one another, leaned on one another, appreciated one another, and celebrated one another. And through it all, we deepened our respect and admiration for one another. And, together, we built a stronger community.

I am proud to have shared this journey with you; however, in life, even the best journeys reach their destination, and I have reached mine. I am fully ready for the next chapter in my life. My plan is to retire to more time for reading, leisure, family, friends, dogs, exercise, volunteerism, and projects.

The General Board has begun the process of identifying my successor. They have engaged a consultant to guide the process (the same person who vetted me as a potential CEO), and with the support of Y-USA and others, I know that an exceptional candidate will be identified. This is an incredible YMCA Association, with a great reputation for: transformational work, innovation and program development, exceptional staff and Board leadership, and impactful partnerships. And in a time of diversity, equity and inclusion, we set the bar for reflecting the communities we serve. For the foregoing reasons, I am confident that our next CEO will be dynamic, profoundly capable, committed and cause-driven.

I have thoroughly enjoyed our work. Together, we have served the community in meaningful and transformational ways – taking teens to London for an international youth conference; delivering turkey and fixings to families and seniors; singing camp songs; sharing life and career experiences with youth and teens; contemplating the next full-service YMCA; fighting for social justice; preventing hunger or social isolation; advancing summer learning gain; sustaining our presence in every neighborhood in Boston, despite COVID-19; paying staff the best possible wages and benefits; increasing philanthropic support, and so much more. WE did good . . . for the good of all.

There will be numerous opportunities to say goodbye so we’ll leave that for later. If, however, you have any questions or concerns regarding anything herein, do not hesitate to contact our Board Chair, Evelyn Kaupp, at

Yours in service,

James O’S. Morton, Esq.
YMCA of Greater Boston